Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I've been toying with the idea of vegetarianism for 3+ years, for a number of reasons, and only this last year actually gave up meat and embarked on a vegetarian diet. The change in energy I had was not just noticeable, but almost drastic! At first it was kind of difficult to figure out what to eat, but I have always been a vegetable lover so I kept my palate sharp with various legumes and crudites. It was somewhat easy to slip into the junk food and cheese pizza trap and I continue to make a conscious effort to avoid that as often as possible and get experimental with different plants.While I quit drinking cow's milk for the most part, I still LOOOVVVE cheese and just can't work with any vegan replacement (I mean, compressed soy, tofu, and water? gheuhh. no thank you)
Fortunately, I believe in moderation and I shop consciously for fish, cheese and eggs, avoiding hormones and unhealthy animals : ) After a short while I stopped having a yearning for meat altogether and was strictly ova-lacto-pescatarian... haha... for about 6 consecutive months. Then I would try a bite of chicken or turkey once in awhile but kept returning to vegetarian habits that were seeming more and more normal to me. Now it has been about 1.5 years since I've eaten red meat and only recently did I have pork again since that time. While temporarily tasty, I regretted this decision later.   : /
While researching recipes and fall workouts this morning, I realized it is Vegetarian Awareness month. This doesn't mean I believe vegetarianism is right for everyone, but there are a lot of people who ask me about my diet or have misconceptions about the benefits and healthiness of eating vegetarian and so I think this is probably a good time to share some older and wiser resources with whomever cares to read them.
 This is a great site about the many aspects of vegetarianism.
Self magazine discusses the benefits of the habits.
Here's another comprehensive and helpful website, whose picture looked so luscious i had to steal and repost : )

Mmmm, yea baby!

Hope your veggicuriousness is somewhat sated; I'm going to make lunch : )
Happy and healthy living to you, whatever your diet may be~


jessy said...

so awesome on the veggicuriousness! i thought i would miss cheese as a vegan, but for me, after about 2 or 3 months i had forgotten what cheese tasted like. the faux cheezes are pretty decent, especially if you wait to try them for a bit so you kinda forget what dairy cheese tastes like, (i love Follow Your Heart and the Daiya pretty swell, too - oh, and there are some Rice Cheeze Slices that Galaxy Foods make that = the yum!). i especially LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the dr. cow cheezes (i order mine online from "the vegan store" - the cashew cheeze is a favorite of my spouse & i. hooray for more veggie power!

Annette said...

Awesome! (Have you seen 'Food, Inc'?)

I've been veg for 16 years, mostly vegan, sometimes raw. At times I got caught up in the label and denied my body some foods it was craving. Be gentle with yourself and enjoy!

rachaelH said...

Most excellent advice, Annette :) Oooh yes, Food, Inc. left me altered!
Thanks for the tips, Jessy! I gave up after only 1 try with vegan cheese so I'll check out your suggestions and try again... munch on!
<3 a tasty and blessed week to you both