Saturday, August 21, 2010

BE the cause of Your experience

'Ello friends.
Haven't blogged in awhile; I've been traveling and working on a few projects as this sultry summer wanes.

The view of the marina from the Beaufort, NC waterfront

I have really been practicing my yoga even more these days, and working at Peace Love and Balance has allowed me to attend more classes and get over my practice-in-public anxiety : ) Recently, Dwight Garcia came and did a 3-day workshop, here in Virginia Beach, and let me tell you! i have never been bendier or sunk into savasana faster and with more intensity than after his 2.5 hour Urban Vinyasa session.

Before I got all loosey-goosey and blissed out, Brad and I were doing some flying yoga and Dwight helped me get up into flying shoulder stand! This pose was so fun and freeing and let's just say I have been doing some serious ab-work since ; )

I FINALLY started writing my book, and I mean aside from the gazillion post-its and notebook pages of ideas and outlines and storylines that litter my bungalow.
I've also been reading like crazy, nothing new there, but my material these days has not only moved my soul, but has been quite inspirational in situating my heroine in the fictitious web i've begun to spin.
One book in particular, written by a professor who taught a class on Harry Potter at the University at Edinburgh, really pinpointed key moments and attributes in the Harry Potter saga (which I believe to be a timeless, literary Hero's journey post-Lucas/Campbell/Jung) that distiguish the hero from living a mundane life.

You may or may not know I'm a bit of a nerdy Harry Potter nut, but I just love the story JK Rowling constructs, which as a kid whisked me away to a beautiful fantasy, and as an adult speaks to my code of ethics, notions of morality, feelings of polarity and the knowledge of being special and powerful (not without fault, might I add!)
That being said, the Harry Potter saga is representative of the human condition and the individual in society, creating and recreating his own experience and consciously choosing how his life will be after events occur that are out of his control.

This also the theme of another lovely book I just finished, Conversations with God, in which Neale Donald Walsch speaks to God through himself (which, let's face it, is how we all talk to God) by asking different questions and upon placing pencil on paper, receives the answers. Though I felt there was a lot of fluff, there were very important messages tucked into the conversations that spoke of love and the divine that comprises each of us. Gods and Goddesses we were born, nothing to be "saved" or "damned," and as powerful and limitless as we think we are and seek to be.
This idea resonates strong with me; as an eclectic pagan, I somewhat avoid organized Religion and the organizational structures that accompany them because it's hard for me to learn something conceptually rather than experientially.
Of course it's fine to live your truth through someone elses viewpoint, but as myself and a wizened minority of people have opened our eyes to find, truth is interpretational and union is reached everyday, if you choose.
This book really drives that home.
"If I do not go within, I go without."

This week's intention goes to honoring my puppy dog and best friend of 14 years, Pete, who was the most loving, obediant, friendliest, truest companion I could ever hope to have.

Looking forward to seeing you again, my friend. I'll throw that perpetual frisbee, and you can show me how to be better. <3


Dionne said...

Rachel, no words can express the sisterly love I have for you. Aside from the gushy love stuff; I need to clear my calender so that the Harry Potter books are marked as "read" in my iread section.

Stephanie Dettloff said...

Rachael, you are a cosmic force of Love and wisdom! I like that you point out how learning can take place through action and experiment. To me that is so much more fun than reading about another's viewpoint without the hands-on experience. I wanna taste, feel, touch...use all the senses to delve deeper. Shanti, my dear soul sistah!
p.s. I'm blow'n kisses to Petey-boy and bring'n hugs to You!

rachaelH said...

aw thank you so much ladies.
dionne, feeling's mutual girl. you owe yourself the treat of reading the saga ;)
stephanie, you are such a bright and loving soul, i feel more divine interacting with you even for minutes than i ever did listening to someone else's lecture :) thank you so much for the kind words <3