Saturday, April 17, 2010

a lovely week of green

happy 40th birthday earth day!
while a mere 40 shrivels in comparison to the 4 billion something years our mother earth has been here, 40 years of passion and activism is still pretty encouraging! I loved Earth day as a youngin and the feeling it stirred in me of connection and a reminder to be reverent of the planet everyday. Now as an adult, I strive to make conscious choices; to be unharming and to start giving back to Gaia what I have received, not just now but always.

I started this springy morning with a trip to the farmers market early, only to find all the vendors absent until 10:00! It makes me yearn for warm summer days where I am the first one up and the morning is mine to read on the patio or go and pick out the lushest greens from the early-rising farmers.
I think of the market in Harrisonburg, Va, where neighboring farmers/artisans come together to vend and commune with music and dancing while the citizens pick out their tie-dye or handmade soaps or basil plants. I love the community a small town can provide and the special, secret places that draw me in like a magnet.

My favorite store at the beach, Peace Love and Balance, is having its 2010 Earth Day celebration today with a flea market and blood drive for Haiti. Betsey, the owner, is so adorably positive and active in bettering the community in her own way that I am moved to be better. Besides fab yoga wear, she makes awesome second-hand clothing and condones recycling bags, tags, and you name it! This chick is all about reusing, promoting mindful consumption and about spreading love and joy. When I need an awesome hug or just wanna share a smile, I stop in to see those beautiful people!

Today is unwinding gloriously, as I just found out I have the day off from work...yippee! While I'm grateful for my job, I'm excited to kick off my Saturday with some flowing yoga, a cup of dark roast on the patio with this sweet book, Gaia Girls Enter the Earth, then a little organic, local produce before a hoola-hooping, sidewalk-chalking, community-integrating eArTh DaY extravaganza!

Whew! On that note, I'm off to the mat to practice my favorite yoga dvd and get ready for the day. I hope you have a wonderful and warm weekend in preparation for this earth week and for a more conscientious society : )